Project Description

Milkwood are the gurus of good old fashion homesteading skills. They teach gardening, animal care, natural building and food prep. The skills that bring back a love of where your food comes from. The skills that we’ve been lost through modern industrial food manufacturing. Nick and Kirsten are behind Milkwood and have been running it for about six years.

Project Details

Client: Milkwood

Date: June 2013

Task: Film, Web, Branding


We met up with Nick and Kirsten to see what Milkwood is all about and make a profile film of the operation. Seeing Milkwood in action was a real display of what an ambitious couple from the city can create. The farm is about four hours drive west of Sydney, the land out that way is fairly harsh dry and rocky. To find the Milkwood project flourishing in the midst of such a unforgiving landscape is a story of true resilience. Walking around the property you find running examples of previous teachings and workshops that demonstrate the value in their permaculture approach.

There’s a real sense of engagement from everyone we met. Milkwood draws in hundreds of students from around the country each year, and from the chats we had it was clear that they were there to make the most of their time at Milkwood. Dillon and I spent four days at Milkwood and here’s our little glimpse on the place.

Website Design & Development


In bed with Milkwood

Beyond the original shoot we did back in 2013 we’ve had a strong relationship with Milkwood and have had a hand in a lot of their recent projects. Examples include the design nd development of their new website, their current logo and branding style, and plenty other print material. In essence Milkwood & Meanwhile Outside are a proven partnership.

Below is a chat we had with Kirsten about running Milkwood back in 2013

What’s your favourite thing about running your own business?

The independence to go with the flow, bend with the wind and make tracks in new directions, powered by our passions!

Where do you hope to see Milkwood in the future?

Still creating awesome resources that empower people to create sustainable abundance in their communities.

What advice would you give someone interested in gardening/permaculture?

Learn the names of the 20 plants closest to your back door, and plant something useful and edible right now, today, even if you’re convinced you’ll kill it – gardening is a learnt skill. And permaculture is the the art of observing your surroundings, taking note of the patterns, and making the best of them.