Hello Country, Hello City

Meanwhile Outside, in short we make profile films & websites for people who are making a difference in the world. Businesses and individuals that say ‘You know what? I’m going to start doing my part to help this place’.  Whether it’s helping the world through improved environmental practices, or bringing communities together, these are the people that we want to work with, and this is their inspiring stories.

We’re based in Sydney these days after our humble South Coast days. You can read about our journey through this Broadsheet Feature.

Alternatively watch this embarrassing profile film we did….
Seriously just read the article.

A Look BackA slightly embarrasing look back to the South Coast Days
CREATIVE MINDSWe're a fluid team of digital lovers
  • James McIntosh
      James McIntoshVideo & Design
    • Michael Rose
        Michael RoseWeb Production
      • Dylan
          DylanVideo Production
        • Maxine
            MaxineWeb Production
          OUR SERVICESA little background on what we're about

          Let’s be honest, we love making videos foremost. Who wouldn’t?
          Outdoors adventures, travels, meeting great people in their amazing environments and ultimately creating something that inspires others. Yessir, making videos is where it’s at. But let’s say you’re a fledging operation that loves our design work and better still you’d love to couple that with a profile film, well snap, of course we’d love to hear from you.

          Web Production

          Meanwhile Outside have a long & strong history in the digital space. We love to work with businesses and organisations that have an eye for design and a keen sense of taste. We use flexible frameworks to deliver functional websites that will do your operation proud.


          Take a look over our portfolio for a curated showcase of bespoke web design with a less-is-more bent.

          Video Production

          Our short films provide a true insight into the businesses we work with. It allows it’s audience to understand the people beyond the website front and create a personal connection to the business and the people behind it. We’ve worked with some great outfits in recent times and we’ve been lucky enough to attract the type of business that have a truly great story to tell coupled with some great outdoor footage.


          Establishing the brand is the most critical decision that a company can make to reflect their image. A great logo and branding elements sets the tone for all future communications from your business.


          We design and work with Illustrators to create a unique branding direction that reflects your outfit’s personality.

          We’re within an easy reach

          Meeting good people, doing exciting things is what makes the world go round.
          Let’s work on that together.