Project Description

Fun, fast, quirky and creative. When working with a company like Adobe we needed to raise the bar and create something truly creative that demands attention. We’ve produced about six pieces for the company and we continue to push their expectations every time.

Project Details

Client: Adobe

Date: June 2017

Task: Promotional Video Series

Creative Jam Winners

Say hi to Monica and Rehaab, two Design Computing students from Sydney who won Creative Jam last year using Adobe XD. From planning, process to prototype, here’s how they nailed the brief

Creative Cloud – Super Vixen

Supervixen, a design-centric, video effects boutique studio seamlessly used Adobe Creative Cloud for teams to edit their latest Hollywood project, “Underworld: Blood Wars”.

Creative Jam Auckland NZ

Adobe Creative Jam in Auckland, New Zealand, five designers competed to design a label that would be used on a new beer from New Zealand craft beer brewer Outlier Cartel—a beer called Kekulé’s Dream.