The Give Grid

The Give Grid is a live source of ideas and tools to help make easy and achievable energy savings in your workplace. ACOSS has developed The Give Grid as a hub for sharing and supporting Good Energy Stories – exploring how energy efficiency can be simple and relevant and make you real savings that matter.

Meanwhile Outside worked with Glider to produce the campaign website and video you can see below.

Project Details

Client: The Give grid

Date: Feb-June 2014

Task: Web, Video

Andrea Pape created The Grid

The Give Grid was designed to help inspire community service workers to undertake energy savings projects and actions in their workplace. Energy efficiency can be a pretty dry topic, and the website was designed to profile and celebrate the personality, achievements and people that are driving change and sustainability in community service organisations around Australia.

Feedback on the website and project has been great – it’s a fresh look for the sector and when people visit the website they have a nose around to check out what other people are doing.  Sustainability is about people, and it’s about supporting each other, and that’s what our sector does really well. It’s great to be able to celebrate the quiet achievers who don’t often get recognised for their important work in sustainability.

What’s your favourite thing about running this project?

My favourite thing about running this project is that it is celebrating the great work of organisations who are delivering really important services to communities around Australia. Climate change action is an important part of social justice, and I feel really lucky to be able to document the great work our sector is doing (often on very tight budgets) to help protect our planet for future generations.

Where do you hope to see The Give Grid in the future?

In the future I’d love to see The Give Grid expand to profile the great sustainability projects that are springing up in community services around Australia – things like food rescue, community gardens, recycling clothing and teaching people how to harvest and cook their own food.  Community services are all about building resilience, and I would love to capture these stories and share ideas to inspire others to give it a go.

The Give Grid
The Give Grid